Monday, June 14, 2010

[from Pawel]

Yes, these things are challenging. last Friday(?) we played around with SDK demos on cudak4 with Jeffrey.

Some don't work (notably fluidsGL!), and with others we've had system freeze-ups. :-| They may not be related to SDK demos however, it could be a thermal instablility(?) of something on the mobo.

We need to investigate - hardware team, can you spend some time runnig things on cudak4, e.g., multiple SDK demos, to heat up the box and see if this will occur again. Before that, please install additional 14 cm fans (one in the vertical position behind harddisk compartment. The fans should snap into the black plastic frames, which should be attached to the bottom of the case with 3 screws I believe.
* * *

Next thing - networking with infiniband, we need to install drivers.

* * *
I've rescheduled the 24 June meeting for 29 June, rm AA401 UTSC, at 10-11am.
Time is very short and we must spent full time now working on this, ok?

I'd like us to deliver the working pair of nodes, with with our software demos, and networking
by the end ot this month. If we fail to deliver any working, useful programs, some of us may see a pay cut. :-(


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