Monday, June 21, 2010

[from Josh] progress update

Google erased my last post so I'm posting this again in a hurried fashion.
I finished my tau simulation.
Used same format as previous simulation in xyz that I did.
Used sphereical coords with r.. i derived in previous post.
Where radial acceleration I use F = Fgrav*(1-beta*exp(-tau))
tau is calculated by
tau = gamma*(A_*)*sum[from i=0 by increments of dr up to i=r](N_i/A(i))
Where gamma is a constant defined by
gamma = -log(I/I0) (for an individual particle)
N_i is the number of particles at radius i (in slice)
A(i) is the surface area of section at radius r defined as
(r^2 + r*dr + 0.5*dr^2)*dtheta*dphi

Program is slow because I hurried to finish and I will need to spend some time optimizing. But now I need to convert it to CUDA C by Thursday since I plan to leave for my cottage by Friday.

EDIT: again I just realized that I can't see anything with google resolution modification so I'll post on youtube when I get a chance and post a link

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