Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[from Jeffrey]mathgl on k3

The mathgl library is now available on k3 for everyone to use. Here is a simple example for it:


#include </usr/local/include/mgl/mgl_zb.h>

void image(char *fname){

int imax=60;
int jmax=60;
mglGraph *gr = new mglGraphZB;

mglData dat(imax,jmax);
//dat is declared as 2d with dimensions imax by jmax.

for (int i=0; i<imax; i++){
for (int j=0; j<jmax; j++){
dat.a[i+imax*j]={insert data to array};

//double *a is a public variable in
//the mglData class where data is
//saved as a 1d array.

//similarly for 3d plotting, dat can be declared as:
//mglData dat(imax,jmax,kmax);
//and each number in the array can be accessed though:
//for (int i=0; i<imax; i++){
// for (int j=0; j<jmax; j++){
// for (int k=0; k<kmax; k++){
// dat.a[i+imax*(j+jmax*k)]={insert data to array};
// }
// }


cout << fname << " is being saved." << endl;



The function above produces a 2d density plot which is saved as a png file. For more fancy plots just check out the mathgl manual. Have fun!

In other news, my ppm sweep is not working quite right for unknown reasons. More debugging for me.

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  1. I understand mathgl is installed in /usr/local/ or some such directory for everybody to use? Any recommended environment variables to set, or else could you provide a Makefile you used?