Saturday, June 26, 2010

[from Pawel] success with drivers, methinks

well, it seems that some of our previous problems stemmed from our not RTFM; we had mismatched versions on three things in the nvidia stack, all of which need to always be updated together:
in /home/student/Downloads/ on both cudak4 and cudak5 we now have the newest driver (newer than was available from nvidia download page a few days ago when I reported last) [version 256.35]
we also have a toolkit, and finally
the SDK in
all these things except the last need to be installed by a superuser like
#sh (file name with .run extension)

I think you should set up a directory, either NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/
or like I do, cuda31 (to have cuda toolkit/SDK version visible) **in your own**
home directory. Then you can modify the sdk programs in the, say,
/home/your-name/cuda31/C/src/ directory at will, and use their makefiles which
put the demos or your own program executables in the /home/your-name/cuda31/C/bin/linux/release/ directory

* * *
It seems that all the sdk demos are working properly on all cards, on both
cudak4 and cudak5 now!

[I can see temperatures in the nvidia-settings utility on k4 now, but not yet on k5,
I'll try rebooting. in any case, I have stress-tested k4, and it works ok, also doesn't get stuck in high-temp state].

I'm curious about the CPU speed. the Fedora 12 utility shows that it's remaining in the slow/cool state 1.6(?)GHz, even when running multiple cuda examples. I'd think it should switch to the max ~2.86 GHz. does that have to do with any benchmark results?

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